Temporary Staffing

Staffing Flexibility When You Need It

In our many years dedicated to servicing flight departments, we’ve accumulated a vast network of resources to identify highly credentialed flight crew to deliver and meet your requirements. We maintain an extensive database of experienced pilots and flight attendants for business aviation. Our database of “Crew Credential Profiles” facilitates identifying suitable crewmembers, and provides easy access to relevant qualifications and essential documentation. We screen each applicant to deliver vetted candidates for your operation.

Corporate Aviators’ W-2 Employer of Record Payroll service offers a cost-effective and consolidated solution for your temporary crew. All your temporary workforce data is handled under one roof. We tailor our services from onboarding to assignment details to invoicing to ad hoc summary data reports, meeting your flight department’s specific requirements.

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Onboarding & W-2 Payroll

Alleviate your workload with our W-2 Employer of Record Payroll Service

From employee onboarding to year-end W-2’s, Corporate Aviators does it all for you. We alleviate the administrative burdens and employer obligations so you can direct your energy and resources to running a smooth turbulent-free flight operation. Our W-2 onboarding is easy, convenient and accessible to flight crew anywhere, anytime.

W-2 payroll eliminates worker misclassification:  the unintentional classification of a crewmember as an Independent Contractor instead of an employee, and provides workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance benefits, maintaining compliance with IRS, DOL and Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA).

Onboarding Done Right!

How We Work Together

From initial engagement through scheduling & invoicing

  •  - Flight Department Engages CAI

    Temporary Staffing – W-2 Payroll Services – No Obligation Agreement

  •  - Refer Crewmembers

    Flight Department refers crewmembers to CAI OR CAI finds crewmembers.

  •  - Crewmember Enrolls With CAI

    CAI performs Credential and FAA Check, Vetting, and Customized Onboarding

  •  - Crewmember Ready to Take Off

    Flight Department schedules crewmember as needed

  •  - CAI Pays Crewmember

    CAI pays crewmember as W-2 Employee – Work vouchers and Expense Reports completed through CATT System

  •  - CAI Invoices Flight Department

    CAI invoices Flight Department with your 3rd party Billing Preference

All Systems Go!

Trip & Expense Management

With our CATT System - Corporate Aviators Trip Tracking

You’ll have access to the most user-friendly system in the business aviation industry to verify, reconcile and approve flight crew trips and expenses, anywhere, anytime. Our CATT System™ trip and expense tracking is adaptable to the specifics of your flight department’s operations, including but not limited to tail nos., trip nos., and cancellation policy, to ensure accurate and consistent reporting of trips and expenses for reimbursement.

The CATT System™ is a highly valuable tool, designed by CAI for the exclusive use of our clients and employees.

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Aviation Insurance

Fly Safely Under our Wings

Contract labor arrives armored with coverage to protect them and the interests of your company.  Corporate Aviators’ industry-specific insurance meets and exceeds flight department insurance requirements and brings consistency of insurance throughout your contract labor workforce.

Insurance includes All States Workers’ Compensation including Foreign Coverage and Alternate Employer Endorsement.

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Eliminate Employee Misclassification

Utilizing our services, placing temporary/part-time short and long term pilots and flight attendants Under Our Wings™ as OUR W-2 employees, eliminates employee misclassification. We provide employment compliance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employment tax obligations, Department of Labor (DOL), and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime requirements.

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Offering the most cost-effective and flexible contingent flight crew solutions

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Meet Diversity Goals

Corporate Aviators is a SBA-registered Small Business and a nationally certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), certified by Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). CAI helps meet internal diversity and small business goals at your company.