Contingent Labor Law Compliance for Flight Operations

Corporate Aviators is committed to bringing attention to matters that represent exposures and potential risks associated with contingent labor that may have an impact on the success of business aviaiton.

Aviation professionals are committed to the safe operation of their aircraft operations and compliance with FAA regulations. Just as important is compliance with labor law for contingent workers. Although the complexities of proper classification of contingent workers as an independent contractor or a W-2 employee may seem clouded, Corporate Aviators has cleared the air so flight department managers can fulfill their missions knowing they're in compliance with labor laws.

OSHA standards now apply to aircraft cabin crewmembers onboard an aircraft while in operation. The notice applies to all aircraft operations that utilize at least one aircraft cabin crewmember. Corporate Aviators has developed a Compliance Process Tool to meet these new worker protections.

Corporate Aviators mitigates the risks associated with contingent labor, and manages the administration and compliance burdens associated with engaging the services of pilots, flight attendants, technicians, and schedulers for short or long-term assignments.

These articles and publications below will help you understand the importance of labor law compliance and how they relate to the corporate aviation industry.

Start here and read Myths About Misclassification presented by US Department of Labor.









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